Friday, 24 March 2017

Pins With Personality

Have you guys noticed that enamel pins have become a thing? recently I’ve seen so many rad ones popping up all around the place, and people rocking them on Social media. These old school enamel pins have been growing in popularity since 2015. 

After finding a new audience on Instagram and social media, new companies online and on Etsy have popped up around the trend. Pop culture designs sell especially well.  Plus, they're a cute way to show off your individual style, and work for both men's and women's fashions.  These tiny markers let your fan flag fly, reflecting your personal style, niche interests and sense of humour.

Of course, a large part of their appeal is how accessible (and cost-effective) they are. How many wardrobe updates start at just R20? They're miniature works of art.  Not everyone can collect original paintings, but you can certainly own three – or 30 – quirky enamel pins.

Whether you’re wearing a blazer, denim jacket or baseball cap, have some fun with placing your pins. Either group them all together on a jacket collar, or spread them out on each side of your ensemble. The best thing about this trend is that there’s no wrong way to rock it!

Mixing prints and patterns has been a trend all year, and the same rules (or lack thereof) apply to this accessory. Add variety to your look by choosing an array of adornments – no combo of pins is off-limits this fall.

If there’s one thing we know to be true about pins, it’s that you can never choose just one to wear. Luckily for us, these tiny accessories are super affordable.

Whether you’re passionate about art, pop culture, sports or music, make sure your pins reflect your personality. It may be a small accessory – but it can make a big statement.

Fair warning, though: Their collectible nature can lead to addiction. Once you get started, you won't be able to stop.

Here are a few I'm particularly fond of…


1.  Nylon Weird Girl Pin Pack $39.00 (± R488.72)
2.  Sparkle Collective Cotton Candy Cat gold Enamel Pin $10.00 (± R125.33)
3.  RockCakes Brain Power, Enamel Pin Badge $10.00 (± R125.33)
4.  Sparkle Collective Donut Baby Cat Enamel Pin: Pastel Pink Edition $10.00 (± R125.33)
5.  Pintrill Sophia Flower Pin Pack $28.00 (± R350.91)
6.  Shop.100 Donut Galaxy Enamel Pin $ 8.00

More picks...

Mr Price Brand Image Pin On Badges R20.00

Nikki Williams

Gypsy Warrior

Handmade Sammade - The Plant Pin Pack Vol. 1 | Lapel Pins

Boygirlparty Hedgehog Enamel Pin

Punky Pins Pastel Rainbow Enamel Pin

Wink Pins


Phil Oh’s Best Street Style Pics From Milan Fashion Week

Till' next time xo


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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Colour combo to try: Green and Blush


Every season I seem to find a colour combo that I gravitate towards, and this coming fall it seems to be blush and green. Funny enough, I’ve never been much of a pink type-of-girl. However, I fell in love with the pale shade.  For some, blush pink isn’t an easy colour to wear but it works quite well with a slew of other shades. The key is to anchor it with a darker shade, like Green!

I've always loved the combination of blush and green from afar, but never thought to wear it myself; let me tell you, I've been missing out. The colour combination is very flattering and warms up your skin - plus its a great way to transition your summer pinks into the fall (I know, I know - but fall is coming!) Add a brown-toned bag, and you're good to go!





Tatiana Korsakova Attends Valentino Show In Rome

Atelier Versace Couture Fashion Show


Till' next time xo


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Friday, 3 March 2017

Wardrobe Staple: Denim Jackets


A denim jacket has been an essential part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine trying to dress for spring and fall without it. A denim jacket is a basic wardrobe staple which makes every outfit look totally differently. That's a very versatile piece, as you can wear it over a laid-back sweatshirt, plain white cotton tee, denim pants, wear with simple long necklace, or you can go for a girlish and chic look, wearing cocktail dress and sparkling, trendy accessories.

Thanks to its versatility and practicality, you can wear it for various events, day or night. Denim jackets are hailed as an essential for your casual wardrobe, and if you haven’t quite figured out the various ways of styling this outerwear staple, here are a few awesomely simple ideas:

Personally, I like a denim jacket that is slightly cropped and has some shaping through the waist area. The piece can easily be layered up to combat the cold or left open and loose to sit as a comfortable top layer in a spring ensemble.

Just like jeans, denim jackets come in all shades of blue. (And other colours, although blue is definitely the most common.) A jacket in a medium wash denim is the most versatile and can be dressed up or down. If you're looking for "smarter" autumn and winter jacket, try a dark wash. Due to the darker colour, they usually look more polished.

You can wear double denim, but it definitely comes with a warning note. Make sure the tones of blue are different, so you are not matchy-matchy. It also helps if your top is longer in-between so it breaks up the denim.

Pair it with a white lace dress and boots to put a classic boho touch on a feminine look or To make your denim jacket more fancy, you can wear it with sequins and heels. It’s a fun mix for going out.

Make a maxi dress work for spring or fall by wearing it with a cropped denim jacket or Paired with a turtleneck and a maxi skirt, your jean jacket can easily give your outfit a ’70s vibe. 

Pair your denim jacket with stripes, plaid shirts, and colourful pants – any of them is a classic spring look.

A classic denim jacket hits at hip length, which is ideal for pairing with jeans or pants, since it won't cut you off at the waist. A cropped denim jacket is a good choice if you want to wear it with skirts and dresses, as the shorter length visually raises your waist and elongates your legs. Just don't go too short, as it can look a little dated! Ideally, the hem will hit right around your belly button.
Comfort is key. You want your jacket to be tran-seasonal and have enough room to layer underneath. If you are always on the run, picking up kids or chasing the dog, ideally choose a jacket that has a touch of stretch (elastane) in the fabric. 


1. H&M Denim jacket R 429
2. Mr Price - Embroidered Denim Rider R180.00
3. Mango Decorative rips denim jacket - R949 (on sale)
4. Forever New - Zoe badged denim jacket vintage R899.00


Available @ Superbalist - Chris badge denim jacket R699

Available @ Superbalist - Miri denim destroy jacket R899

Available @ Spree - Denim Jacket with Chain and Pearl Details Blue

Photo credit:

Photo credit: @timuremek_photography 

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Photo credit: theteacherdiva

Photo credit: tesschristinexo
Photo credit: Fashion Anarchy
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Photo credit: Kristy Who

Photo credit: Getty Images
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Photo credit: Stuff She Likes
Photo credit: Babes In Velvet

Selena Gomez denim jacket street style
Photo credit: Rose and Ivy journal
Photo credit: Chic Wish

Photo credit: Feed Puzzle

As you can see, the possibilities for styling a denim jacket are virtually endless. I love denim – it’s so easy just to throw over pretty much any weekend casual outfit.

Till' next time xo

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