Style Tip 1 - Don’t slavishly follow fashion

Style tip 1 -

Don’t slavishly follow fashion

I know it’s fun to keep up to date with trends, but all trends are not created equal, which is to say that not everything suits everyone. Sounds simple right?
You only have to look around to see many women wearing clothes that don’t suit them, just because they’re “in fashion”.
Instead… Dress to suit your personality

Rock Chic - Accessorize and clash a little but keep it feminine.  expressing your individuality, add certain fashion elements and accessories to create your individualized rock chic style.

Urban chic - Take advantage of the high street fashion, simple and elegant.  hip-hop culture and the extreme sport. It is characterized as bold, aggressive, new trendy, expressive, fearlessness.

Sporty - Layer trendy casual clothes pieces that lets you move freely without any restrictions or discomfort

Arty - a couple of good, classic pieces mixed with other trendy, add a dash of your own personality to spice things up its a great way to express yourself

Sexy - sensual fabrics, curvy silhouettes, a splash of colour. Layered dresses and skirts, chic shapes, vintage looks, and belts are in and hot

Retro chic - Great accessories, and a flare for classic, all time looks.  Mixing vintage with contemporary clothes is the ultimate way to make a unique style statement

Romantic - classic cuts, tailoring and soft colours, lace, embroidery and pearls. with soft pastels, sweet florals, floaty fabrics, delicate lace, and feminine details

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