Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue shade is a rich and opulent hue, bright and bold, and will certainly add an attractive pop of colour to your wardrobe.  This Green-tinged blue is utterly eye catching.  Its neither as business like as navy nor as regal as royal, this shade lends a feeling of relaxed opulence and elegance.

 Try the hue in a solid dress, or mix it with complementary colours, like silver and gray.  But consider teaming it with a deep purple or warm orange, red if you really want to intensify its impact.  add a pop of peacock into your everyday attire from fashion and accessories, shoes, nail polish and eyeshadow.  you  cant go wrong.

this is a gorgeous colour!  Although this colour is strong and bold, it never seems to overwhelm. Peacock Blue is versatile and timeless. 
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