What is a burnout?

Burnout fabrics were first created in the 1920s. But this is a trend we love. The use of Burn Out fabric is a great way to update basic looks. 

So how is fabric “burned out?”  The textured look is created by applying a chemical paste to a garment.  The paste then eats through the thinner fibers of the fabric, leaving behind the fabric’s backing.  The end result is a thinner and lighter garment.  It’s “see through” in random spots or patterns, depending on how the chemical was applied.  Pretty cool, right?

These light-weight airy garments are perfect for layering under or over wardrobe staples to update your look this fall.  So be sure to pick up a burn out tee or tank


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Weekly Outfit inspiration

I have decided that I am going to begin putting together weekly outfit inspiration post. Each week I will post outfit ideas from my current wishlist.

grey and pinks
Grape / Plum

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Cobalt blue trend

There are a lot of popular colours making an appearance, but none are quite so bold or vibrant as Cobalt Blue.  Cobalt blue (sometimes referred to as Mediterranean blue) is a jewel coloured blue hue. The brilliant hue is a lovely way to brighten up the gray fall and winter months and will last into next summer. 

Wear your true blue with black or navy for a nice pop of colour or for the more daring mix it up with other bright colours and neutrals. Accessorize with silver and gunmetal accents for an edgier feel. Go all out with cobalt blue in a dress or keep it minimal with a bright pump or clutch. However you choose to wear it, wear your true blue with confidence!


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Adding Colour to your wardrobe

Wearing colour can do amazing things for your skin tone, hair colour, and overall appearance. While basic black will forever be a wardrobe staple, adding in a few more shades can spice up your wardrobe and add interest to your look. When it comes to adding colour to your look, there are so many fun and stylish ways to perk up your look. Colour can have a great impact on your moods and personality. Different colours can make you feel quite differently.

Don't try to change all your clothing overnight. Adding a little colour can be effective in expressing your mood. You can start matching up colourful tops with more quite bottoms. It’s better to start small with one colourful piece and build from there.

Trade in basic black for a different neutral. it’s one of my favorites and makes a chic base to any outfit.  Try a new neutral like Navy blue and nude, gray and brown are perfect options too.

The use of bright coloured bags and shoes are the other useful means of adding colour to a wardrobe. You can spice up your look by carrying a brightly coloured hand bag. The colour of your shoes or sandals also plays an integral role in adding colour to your wardrobe.

Wearing some coloured stone jewelry can also add colour.  Polishing your nails with a coloured polish is also an effective way to add colour. 

Subtle touches of color can improve your look without making you seem overpowering.

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