Studs and Spikes – Fashion Trends

I love spikes, they’re everywhere!  and have become a popular fashion trend over the past year and will give you an instant edge!  spikes have now made their way onto shoes, clothes, jewelry, and mobile devices!  From tiny hints to full-on stud and spike overload.

It’s amazing how a simple outfit can change just by adding a few spikes, whether they’re on denim or leather, bracelets, collars or on a little clutch bag.
Less is more with this trend, too much can make you look less sexy/naughty and more….mmm…butch??

Metal hardware is all over the runways, typically in the form of studs, spikes, and grommets. The coolest part about this trend: you don't have to be a tough girl covered in piercings and tattoos to wear studs and spikes. Studs can be uber-edgy, slightly sweet, casual, or dressy, depending on how you play them.
A bedazzled shirt may not be what you are looking for. Adding subtle touches of spikes and studs while  accessorizing is a great way to wear the trend, without making it your look’s focal point.

Go for denim. Leather is the classic tough-girl material, but if don't like the leather look, denim is just as fabulous when studded.

Mix your metallics. There's a myth out there that you can't mix metallics, but it's untrue. Mix silver and gold studs for a cool effect.

Toughen up a girly outfit. Studs add an edgy appeal to girly pieces like hair bows, pink pumps, or a chiffon skirt.

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Chambray for Women - How to wear it and street style inspiration

What is Chambray?
Chambray and Fashion?

It  looks like denim, feels like cotton, and hangs like linen.  Chambray is a linen-finished gingham cloth with a white weft (across) and a coloured warp (down).  The coloured warp is usually blue (which is partly why we think denim), but it doesn't have to be, it is also produced in white and red, as well as yarn-dye woven prints.  . Although chambray is primarily a lightweight fabric, it is also made in heavier weights for fall.

Also by adding Lycra/spandex is blended into the chambray fabric content to produce stretch chambray.  Chambray is a plain weave fabric, and is weaved using a more basic technique.  Chambray tends to be a thinner material, moves a lot easier, and is much better suited for the summer/autumn seasons

Dress it up or dress it down, button it up,  tie it up or try it as a bathing suit cover up this Spring/summer.  It’s both classic and trendy at the same time, and provides a refreshing update to most outfits. 

Chambray Shirts are the most versatile and fool-proof piece a girl could own, you could pair it with anything and everything...maybe skirts, denims, shorts and be ready for a pulled-together look in seconds. 

There are tons of skirt options available as well as Chambray dresses which are also very popular.  The best thing about them? They go with any colour. Seriously. Besides, chambray skirts and dresses are dressier, classier, and all around more stylish.

Pair with your favourite skinnies for a classic look that is very in at the moment or Top a maxi-dress with a chambray blouse in place of a cardigan for a completely new look.
update that good ol’ sundress by finishing off the look with a chambray top, try leaving the top either unbuttoned and loose or tied at the waist.  Instant update!

If you’re unsure about the chambray trend, or if you want to try it in a way that’s really different from how everyone else will be wearing it, consider a chambray accessory or non-basic item such as a statement blazer. You’ll immediately score fashionista status by being both on-trend and unconventional.  Everyone can wear it, any way, almost anywhere.

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