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HOT TREND: Chevron Pattern

Some consider them a little crooked. Others think that zig-zag is the way to go. What are they? Chevrons! Simply one of the hottest trends in design right now.  It’s a bold and fun trend that you definitely can’t miss.

Believe it or not, this pattern has been around since approximately 1800 BC, as seen in recovered pottery designs; but it has never been as popular as it is today.  The Chevron Pattern is a beautiful, bold graphic motif that can be found adorning everything from clothing and dishes to home d├ęcor; you name it, it’s out there – in a variety of exciting colour schemes.


The chevron stripe is a zig zag v-shaped pattern. The word is usually used in reference to a badge or insignia used in military or police uniforms. It indicates the rank or length of service. It is also used in heraldry with the chevron design used as the dominant image of the arm. The chevron stripe has been used in architecture, pottery and rock carvings as well.


The Chevron design started becoming extremely popular last year, and it's presence has only escalated since then.  It is a pattern that can immediately make any outfit fun, and it looks great on nearly everyone.  Since chevron stripes are so eye-catching, the pattern makes for strong statement pieces.  Have fun with this pattern and do what you do best – wear it with confidence! 

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Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion trend: Military army style

Army-inspired styles are a winning strategy.  Inspired by hussars, Russian tsars and Mounties, the catwalk had a strong military presence.  Personally, I am a big fan of this current re-occurring fad.

This 2013 trend is one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Think gold and brass-buttons, epaulettes to insignias, heavy boots, military overalls and cargo pants, caps, cropped jackets or full-length, double-breasted coats.  Fitted jackets, emphasized shoulders, bodices and neat, stand-up collars give a romantic feel to the trend.  
Autumn's earthy palette lends itself well to the smart military trend or opt for military shades in; army green, black, grey, navy and mustard making up the perfect military colour palette.

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Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion trend: Dark Romance

Fall's runways showed lace boots and long gloves, sculptural jewelry and embellished bags. The dull, morbid and edgy style will become very appealing to the Women’s market.

Dark Romanticism is expected to be one of the main themes that will be in trend for the Fall/Winter season.  The theme has been a huge trend in recent and past years.  This theme appeared for the Fall/Winter 2012 season and is expected to carry on into the Fall/Winter 2013/14 season.

The theme is characterized by its dull and sometimes morbid, edgy fashion and style of dress.  The overall look of the trend is as the name describes it, romantic but dark.  This trend is composed of delicate lace, rich velvet, feminine silhouettes, and flowing chiffon for a darkly brooding and beautiful look.

Looks include lace trim short dress, a bat sleeve jacket, a corset, a fitted leather jacket, an embellished printed peplum top, embroidered jeans, and a trench coat.

The Dark Romanticism theme is based on dark hue shades.  The prominent colours for the Dark Romanticism theme are gothic charcoal, melancholic gray, burgundy wine, midnight blue, dead violet, and bloody red.  All of the colours are inspired from the dark, yet beautiful theme.

Fabrics such as leather, velvet, chiffon, lace, and silk.  The fabrics add a romantic, yet gothic appearance. Embroidery trims will also be prominent, and leather will be a classic popular material.  Findings such as zippers and metallic buttons will be prominent in this look.

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Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion trend: Renaissance

The Renaissance fashion trend, has been describe as "a celebration of creativity and wealth with elaborate fashions to match." 

This trend is inspired by opulent Renaissance paintings, and is characterized by rich prints, richer embellishments, a feminine palette, and flowing fabrics. Plush fabrics, tapestry prints, and medallion patterns are key to the trend.

Fabrics include: jacquard, velvet, taffeta, and punched suede. 

Key garments are the fit-and-flare dress, flared burnout pants, the embellished mini skirt, and the needlepoint pullover top.

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Autumn/Winter 2013/14 trends: Colour

Want to know what the trendiest winter colors are to wear? Here you go!

Themes and silhouettes may go a long way to shaping fashion trends. But there’s nothing like inspirational colour shifts to put one in the mood for a new season. A glance at these gorgeous autumnal and wintery hues takes the edge off the end of summer.  Autumn/Winter is fast approaching, and we need to be fashion ready.

Here we look at the key palettes forecast for the fall / winter 2013/14 season From Design Options.
Their outlook includes six distinct trends: Strike a Pose, Light Touch, Sole Statement, Fur Real, Balancing Act and Luxe So Good.


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