Thursday, 23 February 2017

Paw Patrol - birthday invitation

It was my nephews 3rd birthday party on the 11th February.  2 weeks before his birthday I phoned my sister in law to find out if I must do his invite.  I had found it strange that I hadn't been asked to do it yet (Because I always do the invites in my family.) 

She was totally undecided about the theme (dinosaurs, Paw-Patrol or Cars.)  I had no idea who, what or where Paw-Patrol was, so I did some Pinterest searching and found the most incredible Paw-Patrol party ideas, I saved millions of ideas and sent them to her to get her excited about the theme. It was then decided that Paw-Patrol it is. Here is an example of a Paw-Patrol invitation.

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Fashion by Miss Rich

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